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Up to 90% of new customers are likely to find you (or NOT find you, as the case may be) using search engines. 

Success and sustainability requires a digital presence that is (a) well structured, (b) optimised for ranking in search engine results, (c) readily readable (plain language, good English) and (d) engaging enough to generate a lead.  This is NOT a one time endeavour, but a commitment to a communication strategy that counts. 

Click to read my LinkedIn article "How Long Does It Take for SEO to Work?" and why your sustainability depends on getting it right.

Digital Marketing & SEO PLUS VIDEOS

Web Content to Improve your Visitors and Views - to GENERATE more LEADS

Get BETTER Content for your Healthcare or Beauty Clinic, or to help Promote your Education Courses and Research Publications

Are your WEBSITE views declining - or perhaps your site doesn't rank at all on Google? 

Is attrition or a lack of growth impacting your bottom line?

Are you still failing to attract an abundance of clients, readers, members, donations or sales in relation to your life's work, your new products or services - OR perhaps your life-long passion projects?

We know, it's difficult to get attention in a crowded, busy and fickle digital marketplace.  You need the right type of help. And that's the help we provide - digital marketing expertise, SEO, new content and marketing strategies that can grow your business over time.

We can help you GAIN audience, attention and enquiries for sales.

  • It's not easy to gain attention from your desired audiences these days. 
  • Over 8 in 10 people begin their purchasing processes by digital searching. 
  • The competition for services or products is now global.
  • Plus you may have less than 10 to 20 seconds to impress your audience or readers.

But you want to GROW your business and update your website content and your Digital Marketing and SEO.

So what's to be done?

  • You need to step up your digital presence JUST to sustain your business and to fight attrition.

If you want to grow, or sustain your practice, you need to invest properly in getting found on Google and other popular search engines.

You need to BUILD your AUDIENCE, Client Base and Client Loyalty.

There are 3 to 7 key ways to gain audience, buyers and attention. 

  • But marketing is not a 'plug and play' scenario. 
  • Like exercising, you need to do it consistently over time, and strategically by reviewing the data.  
  • Content needs regular updating and you DO need popular topic blogs.
  • Most of all, you need an SEO expert and digital marketing professional you can trust has YOU, and your organisation's, best interests in mind.

Digital marketing & SEO today is part art, part science (data driven strategies). 

The best professionals for your effective SEO are ones who know your products and services, know your values, and know your consumer's mind set - and how to encourage them to buy.  Often, in less than 15 to 20 seconds.  

First impressions count.

Should you invest in a web redesign, content, AdWords or all of the above?

In our view, expensive Web site re-designs are typically NOT worth investing in for most practices, clinics, medical and healthcare professionals, authors and non-profit groups. 

What you need more than that, is effective content. And to write effective content and attract audience, clients, patients or sales, you need to understand your client's mindset.

  • Remember, also, that everyone wants a bargain. 
  • That's because the online culture has changed buying mindsets to search for the BEST price of any product or service.
  • Cheapest doesn't often equate to best, so you need to know how to communicate the VALUE and BENEFITS of your services, workshops, education courses or healthcare clinic.

SEO for healthcare, education and research publication sectors is VERY specialised.

That's why Health Media Marketing launched in 2014, led by an experienced Marketing Professional with business launch experience, a B.S. in Business Administration and Marketing, AND a Masters degree in Health Studies from UQ's School of Population Health/Public Health.

Our teams, led by Connie May MHST, help selected clients:

  • Gain traffic and consumer awareness of your products or services.
  • Rewrite websites 
  • Create new content including photographs and Videos
  • Improve digital presence
  • Enhance social media strategies
  • Establish authority and expertise across the web
  • Select appropriate content writing and linking strategies for best-practice SEO
  • All digital marketing tasks - are performed or led by Connie May MHST (Content Writer/Director). For select clients, Connie will personally manage your content writing and SEO account; or one of her two highly trained colleagues will perform your content writing and search optimisation under her specific direction.
  • Phone us for details - +61 421.99.55.22 - We can work for clients anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, the USA or the UK.
  • Personal consultation visits available in Melbourne and Sydney or via ZOOM meetings.

Get seen, get heard - get clients and buy in!

  • Involve your target audience in conversations 
  • Increase conversions to grow your business and ensure brand loyalty
  • Learn how to spark intrigue and client attention in your content creation
  • Find out how to leverage your digital web content and SEO efforts for greater growth and research distribution (evidence based knowledge sharing).

Gain Cred with Google

  • Improve your content, domain authority, back links and google cred (page ranking). 
  • Find out what you need to do to improve your digital footprint.
  • Gain organic traffic and web page ranking traction in a highly competitive global field known for ever changing SEO rules.

Site Content

Get expert SEO & honest Digital Marketing Advice

new website content writing and seo to rank on google

Need help standing out from the crowd?

Connie May MHST has over 20 years of digital marketing expertise. Her experience includes top level SEO expertise to help clients found - organically - across search engine results via Google, YouTube, Bing or Yahoo.

She can also help you amplify messages across your social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. 

For an affordable, ethical price by a genuine team who writes clearly in plain English.

Phone today on +61 421 99 55 22 (AUS & USA)

Call Connie on +61 421 995 522 for honest web content reviews

new website content writing and seo to rank on google

Are you falling behind your competitors?

You KNOW it's easy to fall behind on your content writing, blogs, SEO and videos or photographs.  

For as little as $13,000 to $30,000 AUD/USD a year, you can get an EXPERT content creator dedicated to keeping your content fresh, enticing and effective.  One who will understand your business INSIDE and OUT and know exactly how to pitch it to clients, and to Google or other search engines.

All by a dedicated writer who will take the time to fully understand your services, products, books, workshops and business ethos.

Phone 0421 99 55 22 to get started.

Get VIEWS and LIKES for your products, services & books

new website content writing and seo to rank on google

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Are you getting enough leads?

Share your happy client's great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones. Be seen, get heard. Grow enquiries and sales.

In today's globally competitive environment, you can no longer pile digital marketing, SEO, website content changes and social media tasks onto your overloaded admin staff. That only creates HIGH TURN OVER and is not effective.  

  • You need DEDICATED expertise and expert level SEO and content writing.
  • The best solution for SEO and web content rewrites is to OUTSOURCE to the RIGHT person with expert level skills.

Don't delay - we serve selected clients and start ups.

new website content writing and seo to rank on google

We are more focused on satisfied clients than on growing our client numbers.

So if YOU want a genuine, honest professional to give you advice on your current website visitor trends, sales weaknesses, SEO status and digital marketing and content writing needs - that's Connie May, MHST.  

She's a top healthcare & education marketing professional with over 20 years of healthcare marketing across 7 medical, surgical, imaging and allied health sectors.  

Her focus are is LAUNCHES, clinic growth, education marketing and publication editing and promotions (books, articles and more). 

Anyone she enlists to help her with projects is a great writer, Plain Language and clear English, with marketing and publication writing expertise.

Call her today before our 2018-2019 client list is full.  Phone +61 421 99 55 22. 

What our CLIENTS love about our projects: Our SEO passion.

new website content writing and seo to rank on google

You need someone who is as PASSIONATE about growing your business as you are.

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't invest heavily in workshop design, production or service launches, only to skimp on your marketing advice. If so, you'll be likely to end up failing to grow, and wasting your efforts. Get the help you really need.

  • Don't keep your best work or products a secret from the world. 
  • Don't limit your content and video views to your friends and family.

If you're making or offering something of value, let folks know. 

Market it the RIGHT way with the RIGHT people helping your team. Phone us on 0421 99 55 22 or if outside Australia, the number is +61 421 99 55 22.  You can also write to contentwriterandseo (@), but connecting by phone is best. Note that if you have an unlisted number, you may be best off filling in a contact form or leaving a message.

Have a clear message. Publish helpful website content.

new website content writing and seo to rank on google

Good SEO & Content Creation and Website information needs to be:

  • clear
  • engaging
  • informative
  • helpful
  • inspiring
  • properly optimised (SEO'd)
  • promoted

Customers have questions, you have answers. 

  • Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.
  • Be sure you have a good cross-linking and back-linking strategy.
  • Regularly review your visitor growth trends and data collection standards.
  • Try, Measure, Analyse, Refine, Reach, Succeed.
  • BUT if you have videos or new website content and blogs that are JUST not getting views, then something's wrong with your distribution and promotion.

Video Example - visit our home page for more

We can help you clarify your VIDEO aims and complete those projects.

High end video example for mental health and community health care treatments.   Go back to our HOME page for more examples.  High end video projects start at $4,500 and up.  

We also offer lower budget videos, script writing, campaigns and video directing and distribution advice from $500 for a script to up to $2500 for a short video fully produced.

Contact Health media marketing

We can HELP. Get in touch and find out what we can do to help you GROW your health, wellness or beauty business.

Digital Strategies & SEO fo medical professionals and clinics or hospitals. Content & Videos.

Because our content writing, SEO strategy, photography, video directing/video production and web build advice services are in high demand, and because we specialise on healthcare and education marketing, we ONLY serve one expert at a time, PER Speciality area of medicine in each major metropolis region. No conflicts of interest. 


See a sample website content piece by visiting Alex Smth's music program for children with Autism and Diffabilty on This Way In To Music

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By appointment only, subject to availability.  

We also support ONE GENERATION CHANGES projects.

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